Xoriguer Gin Mahon

Xoriguer Gin Mahon - originally produced for the British fleet based on the island of Menorca over 300 years ago. Xoriguer is one of the few gins in the world with its own EU designation of Origin.  Xoriguer Gin is made using traditional copper stills by a family-owned distillery on the island, this unique gin uses ‘best' wine alcohol as its base as opposed to the more commonly used grain.  Unlike most other gins, Xoriguer Gin is not diluted with water meaning 100% of the contents have been exposed to fresh juniper berries and the special recipe of aromatics, creating a ‘truly' aromatic gin.

A fusion of the warmth of the Mediterranean and the cool crispness of the traditional British, Xoriguer is ideal for a Gin and Tonic, the spirit mix in a cocktail or because of its aromatic base, try it as a ‘sipping' gin or simply over ice with fresh lemon juice.  An undiscovered Gem!

Great Britain
ABV: 38%
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