No3 London Dry Gin

No.3 London Dry Gin is made by Berry Bros. & Rudd, London’s oldest wine and spirit merchant. The name No.3 refers to their address since 1698 in St James’s Street, London. Distilled in copper pot stills with a strong heart of juniper from Italy which gives this gin the unmistakable gin taste of pine and lavender this is married beautifully with Sweet Spanish orange peel and Grapefruit peel both which give this gin an enticing citrussy edge. Next the all important spices, some gins fight each other to have the most infused ingredients in their gins but No3 keeps it simple and has just 3 Angelica root with an alluring earthy quality, Moroccan coriander seed gives a spicy, slightly peppery finish. And finally, cardamom pods which add a spicy, aromatic, yet warm bite.

Great Britain
ABV: 40%
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