Stolichnaya Elit

(stoll-itch-nigh-ya) This is the jewel in the Stolichnaya crown. This ultra smooth vodka has no burning aftertaste at all and is elegantly packaged in a rather unique bottle. A must for all vodka connoisseurs. While others have tried to imitate Russian vodka production techniques, they have never totally succeeded. There are three key elements that separate Stolichnaya from its imitators. First, it is distilled from winter wheat, which is the best tasting wheat, not from corn or other grains. Produced in Russia's oldest distillery, its is considered the classic Russian vodka. Second, virtually all domestic vodka producers use processed water to reduce the product to its proper proof, while the makers of Stoli use the purest, softest glacial waters. Finally the vodka is carefully filtered through both quartz and activated charcoal, then through quartz again.


Russian Federation
ABV: 40%
Quantity Status: 2 - 8 working days delivery

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