Wyborowa Exquisite

Wyborowa Exquisite vodka is produced exclusively from a single variety of premium rye, Dankowskie Zlote Zyto (Dankowskie Golden Rye), which is grown on a single Estate around the village of Turew near Poznan in Western Poland, an area long associated with the production of high quality grain and vodka. Wyborowa Single Estate vodka is produced according to traditional Polish methods perfected over 600 years. The highest levels of quality control and a unique production process guarantee that Wyborowa Single Estate is truly exquisite vodka. To perfectly capture the essence of Wyborowa Single Estate, Frank Gehry, who is of Polish descent & considered one of the worlds finest and artful contemporary architects, was commissioned to design the bottle and was inspired by a trip to Poland, where memories of his Polish mother were evoked making the project

ABV: 40%
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