Blackwoods Premium Nordic Vodka

Blackwood's Premium Nordic Vodka is a crisp, bracing vodka with a smooth finish, it is made with pure spring water from Shetland's remote Heglibister Spring, triple distilled and filtered over Nordic Birch charcoal, then ice filtered. If the vodka bottle is cooled to below 5 degrees, the image of the longship's sails turn red! Drink neat (especially with seafood) or mixed. How to make a CHOCOLATE CAKE Cocktail: Scale ingredients to servings: 1/2 oz Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, 1/2 oz Blackwoods vodka, sugar. Add vodka and frangelico to a shaker with ice. Shake. Garnish with a sugar-coated lemon. Shoot the drink, like you would tequila.


Great Britain
ABV: 40%
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