Absolut Citron Vodka

Absolute Citron is a mellow Citrus-flavoured Swedish vodka. For an unusual cocktail try an Absolut Rhubarb Crush: 2 parts Absolut Citron vodka, 1 part Rhubarb Puree and a dash of Sugar syrup. Shake with crushed ice and pour, garnish with a stalk of Rhubarb. Absolut citron vodka was one of the first flavoured vodka's to be released onto the market, one of the 21 flavoured vodka's produced by Absolut. Citron can be drunk straight or the base of a cocktail. Absolut are one of the most proactive vodka producers in the world reacting to consumer demand. The Citron flavoured Absolut vodka is one of the favourite flavoured spirits and would be considered as a classic flavoured vodka.

ABV: 40%
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