Illegal Mezcal Reposado Tequila

Ilegal Mezcal is a high quality, handcrafted product created in Oaxaca, Mexico. The name refers to the time when its creator, John Rexer, had to smuggle the spirit from the village stills in Mexico to his cafe in Guatemala. This exceptional mezcal is created using wild Espadin Agave and slowly roasted over a specially-crafted rock pit in order to absorb the rich flavors of earth and wood smoke. The agave is then crushed, fermented and distilled in small batches using traditional production methods. Bottled and labeled by hand, this product is a result of hard work, expertise, and dedication.  Ilegal Mezcal Reposado is aged from four to five months in medium charred new oak barrels. On both the nose and palate, enticing notes of smoke, agave, and green apple are complemented by hints of mesquite and oak. 

ABV: 40%
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