Illegal Mezcal Anejo Tequila

Ilegal Mezcal started as a journey full of banditos, river rafts, bribes, disguises and late night drop points. Desperate for a good mezcal to stock at his bar, Cafe No Se, founder John Rexer began smuggling artisanal mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico to Antigua, Guatemala in 2004. Ilegal Mezcal Anejo is produced from wild Espadin Agave and slowly roasted over a specially-crafted rock pit in order to absorb rich flavors of earth and wood smoke. The agave is then crushed, fermented and distilled in small batches using traditional production methods. Matured for thirteen months in medium char French and American oak barrels, Ilegal Mezcal Anejo boasts expressive aromas of roasted agave, citrus fruit and smoke, accented by a light floral note. The palate offers complex, harmonious notes of dried fig, anise, tobacco, toffee and leather, backed by rich flavors of agave, woodsmoke and earth. Delicate notes of dark chocolate and butterscotch emerge on the peppery finish. Bottled and labeled by hand, this product is a result of hard work, expertise and dedication.

ABV: 40%
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