Jack Daniels Single Barrel

The Jack Daniels distillery produces straight charcoal matured whiskey. The Distillery is adamant that this is the reason why it is not a bourbon. The sour mash of the description is made up of corn, rye and barley. The Jack Daniel’s single barrel whiskey is filtered through sugar maple charcoal in wooden vats before the barrel maturing stage for no less than 2 years. The single barrel indicates the uniqueness of the whiskey because each barrel is slightly different in colour, nose and taste. Jack Daniel’s single cask whiskey has a rich colour; the nose is an exquisite floral aroma with mildly sweet and oaky taste with overtones of vanilla. Jack Daniel’s have been refining the process making of a fine whiskey for many years. A connoisseur of a fine whiskey or bourbon would note the slight difference of each whiskey barrel. Jack Daniel’s whiskey has a unique taste; this is attributable to being filtered through maple charcoal, although the storage floor of the barrel can have a slight bearing on the flavour of the whiskey


United States
ABV: 45%
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