Cointreau is a versatile liqueur flavoured with a blend of bitter green Caribbean oranges and sweeter Mediterranean varieties. Cointreau's subtle taste originates from the blend of fragrant peels from bitter and sweet oranges which have been carefully grown and meticulously selected for their quality. Grown in the Caribbean, the bitter Bigarade (citrus aurentium) is harvested when the orange is still unripe - when it has the greatest aroma. Every process is rigorously controlled - from the separation of the peel from the pulp by hand, to drying in the sun until they turn bronze-green, followed by careful sorting. Peels are similarly processed from sweet Comuna, Cadanera and Salustiana oranges from Spain, and the Pera with its rich essential oils from Brazil. Some of these sweet peels are also used fresh. The peels are shipped to the Cointreau distillery in Angers and inspected again. The fresh, sweet peels are macerated in alcohol for several weeks to bring out the essential aromas. In contrast, natural alcohol and only the purest water are selected for their neutral taste.

ABV: 40%
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