Pink 47 London Dry Gin

The Khavaraya, a legendary Pink Diamond, carried with it a blessing and a curse: Whoever possesed it could command any mortal to do their bidding in love. But the curse was this - if the love was forced, it would lead to certain death.

It was first owned by Darius, King of Persia then passed to Alexander the Great when he conquered that empire. Alexander used it to seduce Bagoas, a slave, and died soon after. In the turmoil that followed the Khavaraya was lost. But there have been many rumours and legends about it since. 

Some say that this fabulous jewel never really existed...we say that you have just found it! The spirit of the Khavaraya lives on in Pink 47 London Dry Gin.

Expertly distilled with 12 Botanicals, it has the crisp, dry taste of a true London gin but with several extra facets to its unique and complex flavour. At 47% alcohol, it is strong too, the correct strength for a perfect martini!

Great Britain
ABV: 47%
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